Does Yoga Burn Fat?

Yoga is a physical and mental practice involving Hindu philosophical traditions, but it also practiced in Buddhism and Jainism. Today, many people see yoga as a physical practice that involves various postures.

Most people opt for yoga to stay healthy and maintain a good posture. It is also a mindfulness activity that allows people to focus on their body’s capabilities. Some people prefer yoga as a part of their workout routine and to help them lose weight. Does yoga burn fat?

Calories burned when doing yoga

The amount of calories burned when doing yoga will depend on your body weight and how long you do it. For instance, if you weigh 125 pounds and you spend around 30 minutes to practice the poses, you could lose up to 120 calories.

The key is for you to increase the time spent in doing yoga to help burn more calories. You do not have to force yourself though especially if you have not yet tried doing yoga before.

Calories necessary for weight loss

If you want to know if yoga is effective in your weight loss goal, you need to ask yourself first how much calories you take. The standard is around 1 pound per week.

It means that your body needs to burn 500 more calories than what you get from the food you eat. The amount of weight you shed might seem insignificant, but it could be useful over time.

Yoga against other exercises

When compared with other forms of exercises, yoga might not be that effective. A 30-minute yoga session for a 155-pound person could only lost about 150 calories.

When that same person spends the same time running at about 6.7 miles per hour, he could lose up to 410 calories. However, you need to understand that weight loss still depends on the amount of calories present in the food you eat.

Therefore, even if you are not losing much with yoga, but you are not consuming a lot either, it is already good enough.

Have a realistic plan

Whether you decide to stick with yoga for weight loss or not is ultimately your choice. The key is for you to have a realistic plan.

If you decide to start an exercise technique, you need to stick to it. The same thing is true when you want to pursue a diet plan.

If you think that you are capable of following any of these plans, but you did not pursue them after a while, you cannot expect positive changes in your body.

Even if you forget the weight loss effect of yoga, it is still something worth trying. It helps people who have posture issues. It also makes you physically active and aware of what your body could do. For many yogis, doing the poses help them meditate and relax. It allows them to focus on their inner self and break away from everything in life that bothers them. if you are thinking about practicing yoga now, it is great.